NEW in v4. 1Code-A-Day - A self-test question and answer module...

NEW in v4. 1Code-A-Day - A self-test question and answer module that lets you review the National Electrical Code and learn to use LectriCalc at the same time.

Answer just one or more questions a day (hundreds of questions available for free download) and you'll learn a lot, painlessly! NEW in v4. 0 Amp Capacity Calculator - finds amp capacity of wire with optional termination, and derating inputs (wire bundling adjustment and temperature correction).

The result is minimum wire size and maximum overcurrent protection device. NEW in v4. 0 Box Fill Calculator - indicate the mix of wires, clamps, hickeys, studs, grounds, and devices in the box and the calculator shows best box match, as well as other usable boxes.

Optionally, select the box you want to use and the calculator will tell you if your desired fill will fit. Also handles adding extension rings and covers.

NEW in v4. 0 Motor Data Calculator - Items calculated from data you enter: FLC Wire Size - minimum size permitted Overcurrent Protection Device (OCP) - absolute maximum permitted and/or if motor does not start NEMA Starter Size Overload Fuse (if FLA is entered from the motor plate) Disconnect Size Heater SizeENHANCED in v4.

0 Conduit Fill Calculator - includes over 60 wire types of all sizes, calculates how much fill you can use in numerous conduit types and sizes.

Also handles nipple fill. Also will calculate maximum number of wires, all the same size, that can go in a given size conduit. ENHANCED in v4. 0 Voltage Drop Calculator - quickly suggests the best size AWG or Metric conductor for the job youre doing.

It also offers voltage drop for all other sizes of conductors for comparison. Takes into consideration power factor, solid or stranded wire, temperature range (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), and more.

Also includes alternate voltage drop calculator optimized for metric applications. Also includes alternate voltage drop calculator designed for installers of low voltage lighting.

ENHANCED in v4. 0 Grounding Conductor Calculator - calculates AC GEC Size based on wire size entered. Calculates EGC Size based on amps entered.

ENHANCED in v4. 0 Foot-candles calculator - helps you determine the size light source needed to produce desired lighting at a given distance. ENHANCED in v4.

0 References Section - includes many formulas, tables, and diagrams helpful to the electrical professional. Also has Electrical First Aid section.

List of formulas and tables in LectriCalcKilowatts/Horsepower Calculator - enter amps, voltage, efficiency, and power factor and the software will display DC, AC single and 3-phase KW and HP.

Wattage/Kilovolt-Amps Calculator - enter amps, voltage and power factor and calculator tells AC single and 3-phase KVA. Energy Cost Calculator, Amps Calculator

Energy Cost Calculator, Amps Calculator




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